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Hospitality WiFi was founded in 2001 by a former hotel GM to provide fast, reliable Wi-Fi service designed specifically to meet the needs of hospitality properties, and we have since expanded to providing WiFi for all sorts of businesses, schools, and other venues. We can now be found at more than 3500 sites in all 50 states and all over the world, with over 295K rooms under support. We offer voice, video, and data solutions, including designing networks, recommending and installing best-of-breed equipment, and providing remote monitoring and unmatched 24 x 7 x 365 guest technical support, all at a competitive price. We are the #1 choice of multiple major hotel flags. By listening to our customers and treating your guests like our guests, we aim to provide the kind of service that keeps guests coming back.

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“It’s always easy to get support when it’s needed. Hospitality WiFi finds a way to do things, which isn’t always the case with hospitality integration – everyone knew what they were doing and just got it done.”

Will Port

Clarion Hotel & Suites Fairbanks (Alaska)
“While I didn’t want to [upgrade the entire solution] at the time, I now see that it keeps guests happier and makes staff better able to focus on their jobs instead of troubleshooting. Whereas before I was having to get involved quite a bit in trying to troubleshoot guest issues, it’s now working very smoothly. Hospitality WiFi is able to mitigate any issues we do have. Having the number of access points engineered correctly provides complete coverage and redundancy, so if one goes down, there are others close enough that guests won’t be completely unable to access WiFi. It has really helped my front desk staff not to function as troubleshooters, so they can focus on guest service. In fact, rarely do we get a guest complaint anymore. It’s running with very little involvement from me and my staff, and we don’t have to worry about losing guests due to poorly performing WiFi.”

Sandip Chauhan

Best Western Covington (LA)
Words are short to express our appreciation to the entire team of Hospitality WiFi. I am convinced that we had the best technicians onsite. They showed and proved true professionalism and workmanship skills. Dedication, perseverance, and above all [they were] very understanding and knowledgeable about working in the Hotel business environment, considering all aspects of running a project of this magnitude in the middle of full operation.

Daphne Henriquez

Holiday Inn Beach Resort & Casino
“The onsite team was very visible from start to finish. Support and Project Management were hands-on during all installation activities. Hospitality WiFi is a customer-centric MSP, and we now have more accessible assistance with local support available. I would recommend Hospitality WiFi to other hotels locally based on the performance of the WiFi, our experience with installation, and the support provided.”

Anthony Villamor

IT Manager, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria and Holiday Inn Manila Galleria
"This afternoon (April 2021), I checked into a Holiday Inn Express and encountered difficulty connecting WiFi on my laptop computer. I called WiFi help and was aided by a very knowledgeable support person. He was very patient and polite talking me through various manipulations on my computer. His precise directions made me feel quite confident that he could solve my problem. So now I want to return the favor by complimenting your organization for employing such a quality technician."

Mary Schoonover

Guest, Holiday Inn Express
"[The transition itself] was pretty easy – we didn’t really have any issues. There was no down time, and guest impact was minimal. Everything has been running pretty smoothly since the transition. We had been having some issues with our previous provider, but now the support is better and the WiFi signal is stronger. More of the impact has been felt in reduced calls to the front desk. There have been fewer complaints, fewer guests have needed help logging in or using the WiFi, and they haven’t had the previous problem of getting booted off the network."

Jeffrey Howes

General Manager, Comfort Inn Augusta (Maine)
"The experience has been good! Everyone on the guest WiFi side did what they needed to do; they even helped with Comcast to get fiber installed, and the whole process went smoothly. It was something that had to be done, and for the most part, I didn’t have to deal with it- the GM usually has to deal with everything! I just had to answer a few questions, maybe let people into the rooms, but it was otherwise hands-off, which is not typical for such a big project, and it did help! All the teams seemed to work together, so I didn’t have to be a middleman."

Brian McNally

General Manager, Comfort Inn Rockland - Boston
"It was great working with the whole Hospitality WiFi team to get this all done, and it’s been better than I could have expected. Coverage in the Pavilion is 1000% better! Pretty much everybody uses the solution and there are now fewer service calls due to the increased capacity. It wasn’t easy, especially with the need to make it look good from the outside, but everything looks and works great! The updated solution is] everything that I wanted and more- it’s been working perfectly for us. I‘m really pleased with everything and couldn’t be happier with the results!"

Tyler Wilkie

IT Manager & Accountant, Lakeside Chautauqua
“Everything went well with the installation, and it was actually pretty simple. There wasn’t much back-and-forth needed, maybe just a couple of calls, and [our sales rep] Ben took care of everything. We had one or two calls, he got the floor plan from me, and then he just took care of what they needed to do, and the Hospitality WiFi team delivered on its commitment with great service. The installer knew where he needed to be and what needed to be done, and he just took care of it.”

Chad Patel

Property Consultant, Comfort Inn Schaumburg, IL
“I had been helped through the process…with boots on the ground, [there were] no issues at all. I didn’t really have to remember anything, and the install process didn’t really affect guest service. There was a plan ahead of time, and everything went smoothly. The splash page now makes it easy for guests to login, the process is very clear, staff is able to help with the basics for guests who aren’t familiar with the process, and HWF support staff is able to help them as needed. Complaints have decreased – we really aren’t getting negative feedback from guests anymore!”

Andrew Fringer

General Manager, Best Western Inn at the Meadows, Portland, OR
“Hospitality WiFi has been right on the ball and very easy to work with. Our guest feedback is like night and day [from where it was].”

Ryan Saunders

CHS General Manager, Best Western Inn at Hunt’s Landing, Matamoras, PA
A great job performed by a a team that is devoted and capable of doing [the job] orderly all the time. Very grateful for working with you all.

Oliver Ferreira

IT Manager, Crowne Plaza Santo Domingo
The WiFi System and Guest Support provided by Hospitality WiFi is working great. We especially like the [Dashboard] portal and being able to see how many devices are connected and bandwidth usage at any given time.

Dan Morrissette

Assistant GM, Quality Inn, Niagara Falls, NY
The job was very professional- [this is an] organization that surprises in time and form, and the attitude of the personnel was exemplary. Thanks for the support!

Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula Hotel (Honduras)

Estimados: Les informo que este día estamos operando al 100% sobre la nueva solución instalada por Hospitality WiFi en Holiday Inn Escazú. Gabriel Borralles y su equipo han hecho un trabajo espectacular de coordinación y comunicación a nuestros huéspedes. Alvaro Hurtado y los amigos de Hospitality WiFi han coordinado y ejecutado impecablemente la instalación y activación del equipamiento y la solución. Nuestros huéspedes tienen navegación total por este nuevo servicio el cual se puede acceder en este momento solicitando una clave o por el número de IHGRewards. El número telefónico de atención a incidencias que nos comunica con el servicio de soporte en línea contratado con Hospitality WiFi está configurado y activo en la planta telefónica de Escazú ya fue comunicado a los huéspedes. Hoy en la mañana un huésped realizo la primera llamada de soporte y ha resultado un éxito total. En consideración al cambio este día y el día de mañana se atenderán incidencias en sitio de parte del equipo de todo el equipo. Como pueden visualizar acorde a las fechas indicadas estamos finalizando con 3 días de anticipación, entregando los resultados deseados. Ahora con la experiencia ganada, el equipo muy bien integrado y todo a nivel de equipo listo, vamos para San Jose Fórum a realizar el cambio. A todo el equipo en Costa Rica que materializo de una manera espectacular e impecable esta primera instalación. Muchísimas Felicidades!!!!!

Hernán Romero

IT Project Manager, Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu, Grupo Agrisal (Costa Rica)
Dear all: Just to let you know today we are running 100% on the new solution installed by Hospitality WiFi at Holiday Inn Escazu. Gabriel Borralles and team have done an spectacular job coordinating and communicating with our guests. Alvaro Hurtado and our friends from Hospitality WiFi have coordinated and executed an impeccable installation and activation of the hardware and overall solution. Our guests have total navigation on the new service with access through Code and IHGRewards. The phone number for Tech Support with Hospitality WiFi is up and our guests know it. This morning a guest made the first call to Tech Support and it was a total success. In consideration with this change, today and tomorrow we will take care of any incident on site with all our team. As you can see, according to our master plan we are finishing three days ahead of calendar, delivering the desired results. Now, with this experience we acquired and a very well-integrated team we are moving to our next hotel SHOIN – San Jose Forum to implement it. To all the team in Costa Rica that make it possible in such an spectacular and impeccable way, CONGRATULATIONS!

Hernán Romero

IT Project Manager, Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu, Grupo Agrisal (Costa Rica)
...As you know I went to Puebla to receive the IHGConnect project at Staybridge and Suites Puebla, and I want to take the time to extend my appreciation towards Alejandro, Anastasio, and Juan Pablo for the professionalism shown during the installation and setup of this project, working properly, and delivering in the dates committed, in summary doing an excellent job. I also want to thank Damian, who has been a key piece in the initial configuration and going-live of this project. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ...Como es de tu conocimiento el día de ayer, fui a recibir el proyecto de IHGConnect en Satybridge Suites Puebla, por este medio te pido felicites y agradezcas a Alejandro, Anastasio y Juan Pablo por el profesionalismo demostrado en la instalación y configuración de este proyecto, trabajando de manera ordenada, cumpliendo con fechas estipuladas, en resumidas cuentas realizaron un trabajo excelente. Agradezco también a Damian ya que ha sido pieza fundamental para la puesta a punto en la configuración y salida en vivo de este proyecto.

Alejandro Casillas

Gerente de Sistemas / Systems Manager, Holiday Inn México Plaza Universidad
I like Hospitality WiFi because they are easygoing and take care of business. They’re even willing to help with things that are not necessarily their responsibility. The installation was a breeze, and the team stuck around an extra day to make sure everything was right.

Kurt Schlunegger,

Owner/GM, Swiss Inns LLC - Best Western Swiss Clock Inn (TX)
Hospitality WiFi has offered great results and service, and most of all our guests are pleased. With a beachfront hurricane-proof concrete block building, Hospitality WiFi’s solution may be the only solution. I’d definitely recommend it!

Jeff Malbon

Owner/GM, Best Western Plus Fort Myers Beach Resort (FL)
We just installed a new, state-of-the-art WiFi system, and Hospitality WiFi had the best equipment for our installation needs and the best pricing. The installers were incredibly professional, polite, and thorough. They explained everything they would be doing and conducted signal strength and connectivity tests in every conceivable spot at our hotel. In the event a guest has a question, Hospitality WiFi has the best support team in place, second to none.

Myron Salz

Owner, Centerstone Plaza Hotel, Rochester (MN)
Everyone I talked to has been very professional and helpful from the beginning. The installers were professional, helpful, organized, and efficient. They ensured I had all of my questions answered prior to their departure. They were fun and had great attitudes, even while working in extremely cold temperatures at an exterior-corridor hotel. I was very impressed. And since the install, our WiFi has been working great, without fail. I would definitely recommend Hospitality WiFi.

Shane Blankenship

GM, Best Western Morton Grove Inn (IL)
We have seen a huge positive impact with the new WiFi solution, and we’re thrilled with Hospitality WiFi because they have delivered on their promise to provide the best WiFi solution to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Simply put – the minute you speak with them, they make it clear that they have a vested interest in achieving the best results possible.

Randy Stuart

GM & Regional VP, Red Lion Hotel Harrisburg Hershey (PA)
Estuvimos complacidos con las credenciales presentadas por Hospitality WiFi. También, nos impresiono el nivel de compromiso demostrado con aquellas propiedades del grupo que nos anteceden en la integración, eso sin mencionar que sus garantías son inigualables por cualquier otro proveedor en Mexico. Era casi imposible encontrar otro integrador de la solución en Mexico que pudiese igualarlos con experiencia práctica real. La flexibilidad por ellos demostrada durante la negociación de nuestros contratos fueron clave en nuestra decisión. Otra cosa que nos complació es que a pesar que la matriz de Hospitality WiFi esta en los USA, ellos han echado raíces en Mexico, contratando técnicos Mexicanos expertos en WiFi y con capacidad de brindarnos servicios en Español e Inglés. Por la naturaleza del Proyecto, la inversión es muy alta. Si decides utilizar un proveedor sin experiencia por el simple hecho de ser más barato, estarás condenado al fracaso, ya que habrás pagado por una solución que no te sirve y no podrás utilizar para tu certificación con el grupo. El nivel de experiencia y compromiso y experiencia que encontré en Hospitality WiFi es inigualable en Mexico. Es importante tener solo a los jugadores más serios de nuestro lado, con muchos años en la industria, y sobre todo alguien que conozca todos los trucos de la configuración y desempeño del equipo, de modo que sea relativamente fácil resolver los problemas naturales de la solución de Cisco-Meraki. Me siento muy tranquilo que todas las propiedades que están bajo mi responsabilidad están funcionando bien, de acuerdo con las reglas del nuevo estándar de IHG. Agradezco a Hospitality WiFi por toda su ayuda y la calidad de sus servicios. Ha sido hasta ahora casi un año de trabajar con ellos desde la implementación de nuestro primer hotel, y aun estoy muy contento de trabajar con ellos a mi lado. Siento que este nivel de soporte que Hospitality WiFi nos está brindando es muy difícil de encontrar.

Ramon Alonso

IT Director, Multiple IHG hotels in Mexico / Director de IT, Un grupo de hoteles (IHG) en México
We were pleased with the credentials of Hospitality WiFi as an approved vendor in USA and Canada for the IHG Connect solution. In addition, we were impressed with their references and the level of commitment they have demonstrated with other IHG properties, not to mention the warranties covering their engineering and deployment services. Considering all of these factors, it was nearly impossible to find another vendor in Mexico who could equal Hospitality WiFi in practical experience. The flexibility shown to us in negotiating various aspects of the contract and implementation were also key to our decision. And we were pleased to see that, even though the company is based in the USA, they have established roots in Mexico, with a well-qualified group of experts available to help us and our guests in both Spanish and English. Due to the nature of the brand standard, the investment is pretty high. If you decide to implement the solution more cheaply using a vendor without practical experience or the same level of commitment I found in Hospitality WiFi, then you are doomed to fail by spending a lot of money on a solution that does not work as desired and can’t be qualified for certification. It is important to have the most serious of players by our side, with many years of experience in the hospitality industry, and even more important to work with a vendor who knows all of the tricks of setup and who was able to resolve issues we discovered as we implemented the Cisco-Meraki solution. I now have peace of mind that all of the properties under my control are running fine and following the rules of the IHG Connect brand standard. I thank Hospitality WiFi for all of their help and the quality of their services. It has so far been almost a year working with them starting with the implementation at our first hotel, and I’m still feeling pleased to be working with them. I feel that this level of support from a qualified team of experts in WiFi is something hard to find.

Ramon Alonso

IT Director, Multiple IHG hotels in Mexico / Director de IT, Un grupo de hoteles (IHG) en México
My hotel has been an award-winner with Best Western for many years now. We always score well in customer care and cleanliness and breakfast. I am proud of my staff for the jobs they do. Our only problem was the Internet. I have been through all the upgrades and changes since hard-wire. Our hotel was a nightmare to have the Internet work properly. We have had 3 different companies try in the past to make our customers happy. Internet has been the thorn in our side with our customers. Spending large amounts of money, new equipment, updates, and trying to keep up has been a nightmare. Hospitality WiFi was recommended to me by our RSM on one of his visits. I then met sales rep Rex at a Best Western District meeting. He assured me that they would improve our scores for WIFI or I would get my money back. How could I go wrong? They sent someone to our property to check out what we had and what was needed. I did have to provide some information, but they were able to handle most of it without me being involved, and because I’m a 61 year old person who knows nothing about electronics; this was a pleasure for me. Before I knew it, our equipment arrived, the installer came the next day, and in 3 days we were up and running. The installer stayed the last night and just went up and down the hallways checking for hot spots and making sure everything was operating properly. It’s only been a few days as of this writing, but we have received not one complaint. Now I just have to wait for our scores to move up on our surveys and I will be happy. Our success in this business has been to listen to our customers’ needs and to meet their expectations when they arrive on our property. No one can tell me what is needed better than the people who need it.

Janet Bowman

General Manager, Best Western Plus Ambassador Suites Venice (FL)
With Hospitality WiFi, “We went from constant complaints and dead spots to rave reviews. This has positively impacted our GSS scores since install. The installers and team at Hospitality WIFI are efficient, professional, and helpful. The team verified brand compliance upon completion. This is great value, considering the level of service we receive is high!”

Robert Gaeta

Best Western Plus Hospitality House, New York City
"In an industry where many aspects go into ensuring guests have the most enjoyable experience possible, it is nice to know that Hospitality WiFi has us covered when it comes to delivering the best guest Wi-Fi. We made the switch to Hospitality WiFi and immediately saw an improvement in guest satisfaction scores for Wi-Fi. Our hotel is currently in the top 10% for Wi-Fi guest satisfaction in our district. Thank you, Hospitality WiFi, for providing the best!"

Jennifer Richeson

Best Western Plus Russellville Hotel & Suites, AL
“Hospitality WiFi took great care in preserving the historical look and feel of Lakeside Chautauqua, and the new Wi-Fi solution actually helped boost our group conference sales. In fact, one conference provider who sets up communications for group conferences commented that it was the best Wi-Fi he has experienced. “We love Hospitality WiFi!” (For more about this project, please see our solution brief on Lakeside Chautauqua.)

Mandy James

Lakeside Chautauqua, Lakeside, OH
”We updated our entire Wi-Fi in our Best Western hotel, and now we no longer have guest complaints about speed and connection! We were very happy with the installation process. Our sales rep, Rex, has been personable, helpful, and attentive to anything we need!”

Shannon Strobuch

Best Western Designer Inn & Suites, Galena, IL
“Hospitality WiFi has been a huge win for our Holiday Inn. Prior to reaching out to Rex at Hospitality WiFi, our guests were struggling with our wireless network. With a 208-room Holiday Inn experiencing high occupancies, we had moments where we could not meet our guests’ expectations of Internet access. A colleague of mine suggested Hospitality WiFi, and within a short period of time, with updated equipment and increased access points, our Inn was wired to go! Our current service scores are ranking high above the brand average.”

Brett Stacey

Holiday Inn, Bangor, ME
"We love our Wi-Fi system from Hospitality WiFi! Since installation in June 2014, we have received zero complaints on our Wi-Fi service. The Wi-Fi interface is much more user-friendly than what we previously used. I strongly recommend the 802.11ac solution that was installed at our property."

Lee Anne Lott

Holiday Inn Asheville-Biltmore East, Asheville, NC

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