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Hospitality WiFi began in 2001 when our company President, Jason Szuch, began getting requests for hotel Wi-Fi installations. Jason was an ex-hotel GM who left the industry to pursue opportunities in high-tech. At that time, Wi-Fi was relatively new, and hotel owners were just starting to realize its potential, but didn’t necessarily know how to make it work for them or their guests. Jason’s experience with the needs of properties, guests, and owners, combined with his understanding of technology, led him to build a team that could provide fast, reliable Wi-Fi service specifically for hospitality properties.

Hospitality WiFi’s parent company, SAY Security, is deeply rooted in the security industry, and Hospitality WiFi has developed from those roots to provide the best technology, simple yet elegant Wi-Fi designs, and unmatched service and support. We have been assisted in this endeavor by partnering with the best technology names in the Wi-Fi industry, including Radius Gateway and Ruckus Wireless. These partners have helped us to solidify our reputation as a leader in wireless solutions for the hotel industry, enabling us to implement innovative solutions that meet and exceed the needs of hospitality properties.

Through our years of experience working with hospitality owners and managers, we have also recognized the need for comprehensive, easy-to-use Property and Support Management software. Our solution, the Hospitality WiFi Control Panel, enables customers across the US to view their property information, as well as their support and usage information, at the click of a button.

Hospitality WiFi also provides End User Technical Support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We believe that making guests happy requires not only the best technology, but also the best, most responsive support.

In addition to WiFi managed solutions, Hospitality WiFi also offers other solutions that help create a better guest experience that’s more like home, including guest room entertainment such as casting & content, as well as phones, TVs, and CCTV.

Growing from our early roots in hospitality, we have since added WiFi services and support to a wide range of other venues, including schools (K-12 and universities), businesses, healthcare venues, sports and recreation centers, and entertainment venues. Our WiFi and other services can be found at more than 3000 sites in all 50 states and all over the world! Check out some of our customers.

Hospitality WiFi offers a full line of Wi-Fi products from hotspots to complete solutions, including billing and management. As expectations continue to rise for the availability and quality of guest experiences, Hospitality WiFi strives to meet your needs and provide the solutions that your guests and visitors have come to expect. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to changing requirements and technology developments, and we work with the best technology providers in the industry, making us the ideal partner to help bring your guest experience into the future.

We’re Hospitality WiFi, and our Wi-Fi keeps your guests coming back.

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