Statement Regarding the Log4j Vulnerability

You may already have heard the news regarding the recently discovered Java Log4j vulnerability (aka Log4Shell). The initial wave of attack made its way quickly to computers around the world, attempting to identify vulnerable systems that were later instructed to download malicious code via a web request. See

Our developer and security team at Hospitality WiFi continues to be proactive in ensuring that our customers will not be exposed to these kinds of vulnerabilities through our solutions. In this specific case, we have carefully reviewed our solutions and determined that no HWF-engineered solution leverages Java specifically via the Log4j library. Thus, we believe that our solutions are currently safe from this specific vulnerability, but we will continue to review and monitor our systems.

The implications of this exploit may be startling. But you can take targeted action to protect your hotel (and users) moving forward.

Here are the 8 steps that we recommend to get your cybersecurity posture aligned:
• Start by protecting your web applications from risk and vulnerability.
• Continually monitor network traffic flow for malicious activity or policy violations.
• Speed up incident response time for better customer trust.
• Look closer at internal use of resources — ensure that only the appropriate users have access.
• Don’t let your guard down. Regularly assess possible software vulnerabilities.
• Tap into reports and trending data to demonstrate your security and compliance.
• If a breach occurs, work with experts to rehabilitate your brand quickly.
• Stay proactive — consider automation to prevent breaches before they occur.

If you have any questions on how to implement and take action on any of these steps, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you get secure.

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