“Guests usually love our WiFi- so why are my scores suddenly going down?”

Picture a hotel pool – nothing fancy, just a mid-sized pool, a few years old, clean but fairly basic.When the hotel is at normal occupancy, so is the pool. Maybe a few kids, or a family or two, will be using the pool at any given time. And even though the pool may not be a fancy resort pool, guests are generally pretty happy with it.

Now picture that same pool during peak vacation time in the summer. The hotel is at capacity, and the pool is being used by lots of families, all the time. Maybe one family has brought some pool toys, and a couple of kids are doing cannonballs in the deep end. It’s the same pool, but suddenly, the guests using it are less happy with it.

The WiFi at your hotel is similar to that pool: Your network hasn’t changed; the demand has changed. Even when you’ve installed a great WiFi solution that typically makes your guests happy, when you have a lot of guests using it at once, especially when some of them are using it for things like streaming content, it’s going to get crowded and your guests might not be as happy with it. And if they’re not happy, your WiFi satisfaction scores will go down.

The good news is that there are things you can do to “make the pool bigger,” so to speak:

1. Adjust your bandwidth to be sure you have enough for all of your guests, even those who are streaming movies.

  • If you don’t know what bandwidth is being used, how do you know if you’ve got enough? Make sure your solution allows you to determine your bandwidth usage and get notified when your usage exceeds your ISP bandwidth – your WiFi provider should be tracking this. If not, upgrade to a new provider!

  • Use your bandwidth more efficiently. For example, Radius Gateway equipment supports bursting, which allocates bandwidth and can temporarily increase the allotment for a guest that’s using more, making the WiFi experience better for all your guests by removing bottlenecks.

2. Be sure that your access points can handle the increased usage that guests are demanding.

  • Make sure your network is designed for 5GHz, NOT 2.4GHz. This will improve performance and keep your guests happier and your satisfaction scores higher. All those handheld devices are optimized for the newer 5GHz frequency.
  • Add more access points and get them closer to the guests, preferably out of the hallway and into guest rooms. This will improve the signal for guests even when there’s a lot of WiFi traffic in your hotel.

If you have any questions about your guest WiFi scores, Hospitality WiFi would be honored to help. The end of the year is a great time to upgrade. Let’s work together to make low WiFi scores a problem of the past!

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