Why do I need to upgrade my gateway when I upgrade my bandwidth?

As your guests bring more and more devices with them, they come to expect more available bandwidth for demanding apps such as streaming and gaming. To meet that expectation, a number of flags are now requiring that properties add bandwidth from their ISP, and many independents are adding bandwidth as well. If you’ve already upgraded your ISP bandwidth, that’s great – but it comes with a caveat: You may need to upgrade your gateway to use all of that capacity and speed.

Older-generation gateways may not be able to take advantage of higher available bandwidth. Even when the rest of your network is configured just right, the wrong gateway can keep you from seeing optimal performance. It’s like a kink in the hose that needs to be fixed so that WiFi traffic can flow. It’s important to have the right gateway for your available bandwidth, and to let us know when you upgrade your bandwidth so that we can help you take advantage of the extra capacity and remove bottlenecks from your network. Newer, more cost-effective gateways are now available to offer better performance – instead of a kinked hose, you’ll have a firehose!

For very small properties with no more than 50Mbps of bandwidth, an older gateway may perform acceptably well. But if you’ve got a medium-to-large property with up to 500Mbps or even more bandwidth and you haven’t upgraded your gateway in a while, give us a call to find out your options for taking advantage of your available speed and capacity. Your network’s performance will likely improve, and your guests will be happier for it!

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