Do I really need a wireless controller for my network?

Many of our hoteliers own properties that are affiliated with large chains such as Best Western, IHG, and Choice Hotels. As you well know, some of these brands have started to update their Wi-Fi requirements for their hotels. One important aspect that is featured in some brands’ new requirements is the need for all access points to connect to a wireless controller – but we’ve found that many hoteliers don’t yet understand why controllers are important and beneficial.

A wireless controller makes it easier to manage your network. Briefly, adding a controller to your Wi-Fi network will help with a number of technical aspects, such as channelization, roaming, band steering, and interference mitigation. A wireless controller with automatic channel selection enabled will help minimize radio interference between access points (APs). The controller will automatically manage the network of APs, adjusting transmit power levels and radio channel assignments to prevent adjacent APs from interfering.

A wireless controller can help keep your guests happy by balancing the use of your access points. Too many devices connecting to a single access point can make for a frustrating experience for guests. A controller can help with load balancing, automatically shifting devices from one AP to another if too many devices are trying to use a single AP.

A wireless controller makes network updates simpler. A controller enables seamless updates to your system and provides network, security, RF, and location management across all of your APs. Configuration changes can easily be applied to multiple APs or to the entire system simultaneously, easing the process of updating your system.

A wireless controller can help maintain continuous wireless access for guests. We all know that APs can sometimes “hiccup” or fail entirely without warning; when that happens, a wireless controller enables redundant coverage by automatically switching users to another AP for seamless operation.

These are just a few of the key benefits of using a wireless controller for your network, and there are many more. If you need to implement a wireless controller for your guest network, either to meet new brand requirements or just to improve the performance of your network, give us a call – we’d be happy to help!

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